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Rivers & Streams
A comprehensive and detailed review of stream collecting and microhabitats can be found [here], on David Boukal's website.
Leaf packs and stick jams
Easy to overlook, dead leaves and sticks that accumulate in streams can be teeming with beetles. Although hydrophilids may not compose the majority, there are some groups that prefer this habitat.
Isolated sidepools
Small, isolated pools along the margin or floodplain of a stream can be extremely good collecting. Especially when a stream is drying up, these pools can become super-dense with beetles as water becomes scarce.
The Margin: Where it's at in streams.
The sandy/gravel margin of a stream is the best place to find hydrophilids in a stream. There are almost no species that live in the middle of fast-moving streams and rivers. The best techniques involve disturbing the margin or pushing the sand/gravel into the stream and waiting for the beetles to float to the surface.
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