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Frozen Tissue Collection
Preserving DNA today for tomorrow's research
Over the past five years, Andrew Short (Cornell University) has been collecting and acquiring hydrophilid specimens for molecular work. To date, this ethanol-frozen tissue collection contains thousands of specimens from around the world, in more than 800 individual lots. It is particular strong in the northern Neotropics, North America, and Papua New Guinea, although contains substantial material from all major biogeographic regions. Nearly all samples are identified to genus, and a complete database listing is nearly complete and will be posted here at that time.

Taxonomic coverage is excellent, and the frozen collection includes representatives of nearly all supregeneric lineage in the entire superfamily, even obscure groups like Horelophopsinae and the Hydrophiline subtribe Globulosina.

Requests for specimens from this collection should be directed to Andrew at as384 [at] Donations are also welcome and appreciated.

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