Hydrophilidae of Thailand
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Aquatic insect surveys led by Bob Sites (U of Missouri) and Greg Courtney (Iowa State) have generated many thousands of hydrophilid specimens from Thailand. More than 3000 pinned specimens were identified to genus and returned to the U of Missouri collection. Several hundred vials of unmounted material still remains. Some subsets of the material have been studied, for example the Oocyclus material resulted in a revision of the genus for that region (Short & Swanson, 2006), and the Sternolophus were sent to Austria for an ongoing revision of that genus. The Laccobius were also sent to Elio Gentili to incorporate into revision, now in press. Any interested persons wishing to study this material should send an inquiry to Andrew Short or Bob Sites.
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Left. Oocyclus melinoventris Short & Swanson, 2005, a new species from the waterfalls of Thailand.
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