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In the last fifty years, the hydrophiloid fauna of various states have been published in the form of short notes to full-blown keys. The entire fauna of Canada and Alaska was also meticulously covered in an excellent work by Ales Smetana in 1988. A list of these works by state can be found in a PDF below.
The hydrophilid fauna of the US is expected to be relatively stable ; most major groups have been revised and only two new species have been described from North America in the last six years (out of more than 400 for the world fauna). A handful of unpublished taxa remain orphaned from PhD dissertations along with some inevitable nomenclatural changes and new combinations. Still, the Nearctic is by far the most stable of the six biogeographic regions and should remain so.
State hydrophilid checklists and keys
At present, there is only one active state-level survey that includes hydrophilids, the California Beetle Project run by Mike Caterino (also a "hydrophiloid" specialist under some classifications) at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. (Outside Link)
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